Can roofing be done in winter?

Roof Installation Guide: Can You Replace A Roof In The Winter?

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In an ideal world, asphalt roof shingles should be installed between 40 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. ... With that said, winter is often a great time to get a good deal on a new roof, but your roofing contractor will need to wait until the temperature is in the right range before scheduling an installation date.Jan 18, 2019

How much do roofing jobs pay?

Roofer Salary: Latest Wage and Compensation Trends in Your Area.

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A Roofer gets a salary on a scale from 24000 to 36000 based on level of experience. Roofers receive average salaries of Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred dollars per year. Roofers receive the best pay in Minnesota, where they earn an average pay rate of close to about $51710.